Sleazy Serial Killer Drama Wicked City's Cancelled Episodes Are Now on Hulu

Illustration for article titled Sleazy Serial Killer Drama iWicked City/is Cancelled Episodes Are Now on Hulu

Wicked City was a serial killer show on ABC that relied heavily on 1980s Los Angeles nostalgia—including, but not limited to, setting crucial scenes on the Sunset Strip. It was also filled with unlikable characters and a cops-n-killers parallel storyline that never found its stride, and viewers tuned out in droves.


Don’t recall it? Well, it was a 2015 show—but only three episodes made it to the airwaves. I watched them all, and it was pretty terrible from the start ... and went downhill from there. But dammit, they filmed eight episodes total and Hulu is going to stream them all, for completists, the morbidly curious, and super-duper devoted Ed Westwick fans.


(Shoutout to io9 commentor CultureCannibal for the asute observation that “Ed Westwick is the hammiest ham in all of hamville.” And indeed, even while the former Chuck Bass is playing a supposedly ruthless serial killer, this is a true fact.)

Wicked City executive producer Laurie Zaks tweeted the news, which was reported by Deadline. Here is the Hulu link to watch the first seven episodes; Zaks notes on her Twitter that the eighth and final episode will also be up shortly.

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I hope they tell us more about what led Jeremy Sisto to hide that he has a family and I really hope he hadn’t had an affair with that undercover cop.

(Yeah, I streamed the first three via Hulu on a second screen. There really wasn’t a lot to hold your attention, so it was okay background noise and without sampling, I wouldn’t know if it was worse than some other crap)