Slaves Of The Global Cyber-Village, In New Sleep Dealer Trailer

Outsourcing gets taken to its furthest extreme in a super-advanced America of the future in Sleep Dealer, with menial workers telecommuting from South of the Border. Using Matrix style plugs, the worker jacks into the machine they are best suited for and "sometimes they control the machine, and sometimes the machine controls them." Watch the trailer below. People have been going absolutely bonkers over this Mexican scifi film, including rave reviews from Sundance. And I think I see why from the trailer — not only is this film beautiful, but after just a few moments of exposure, I'm already curious to find out more about Alex Rivera's characters. Especially the young man who hacks his way into the people/computer system. Rumor is that this film will be released on a much grander scale in February of 2009. [Slashfilm and Sleep Dealer]


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