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Slate launched an animal blog today, and to kick things off they've got a post from Brian Switek that outs some of nature's most adorable creatures as total dickheads. Equally important news re: animal behavior: Last Word on Nothing's Whitney Robles reveals many of the Internet's most squee-worthy videos actually depict animals in lust, anger, or pain. It's animal-themed fun-ruining all the way down today, folks.


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Great article!

It really does kill me to see these videos. I'm not an expert, but I've dealt with animal behaviors in the lab and in Veterinary medicine and it kills me how people constantly misunderstand animal communication.

They see a dog with his mouth open, panting, and they think he's smiling. No he's anxious. You put your dog in the bath, his ears are flat and back up against his head - anxiety, this isn't cute your pet is freaking out and you are laughing.

I think part of the problem is that there is this mentality that pets are like a piece of furniture or an accessories. People are kind of detached from the idea that it's a living creature, that needs respect and kindness. You bring them into your home, you are responsible for them. In some ways it's like adopting a 3 year old kid, who will stay three years old for the next 15 years.

I really suggest reading something by Susan Clothier -