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It's not enough for Skynet to try and take over the world, now they want to take advantage of your creativity, as well. But then again, who doesn't want to design a Terminator? seems to be part of an ARG supporting the new Terminator: Salvation movie, but apparently one on the wrong side:

Do robots interest you? Do you think about how robots might be designed and engineered to be all they can be? Have you ever wanted to design a robot to help humanity?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Skynet wants to hear from you. Join with us in helping to design and create the next steps in robotic technology. We know that human innovation is at the heart of any endeavor. Your thoughts and ideas just might be the spark that starts the next engineering revolution!

The task is simple: just think of a new robot design and submit your idea to us on this page. A short film or animation is the best way to get our attention, but we will consider your thoughts in almost any medium, including sketches and computer renders. Once you submit your idea, check back often as we showcase the latest and greatest ideas that have been submitted!


If you're curious about your potential competition, don't worry; you can see them right here. While I get that ARGs are still big in the movie world following the success of The Dark Knight, there's something more than a little self-defeating to suggest that the robots that eventually destroyed humanity were the result of a fan-contest.

Robotic Community [Skynet Research] (Via)

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