Sky diver plans supersonic jump from suborbital space

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Could space jumping be the next extreme sport? After all the objects that have gone into suborbital space: teddy bears, Lego men, plates of sushi, one man plans to send himself up to the edge, and then leap back down again.


We first told you about Felix Baumgartner's quest to be the first supersonic man two years ago, and now it looks like his potentially record-breaking jump has a date. This week, Baumgartner's jump team will announce plans to send the sky diver up with a suborbital balloon this coming August. He'll travel 120,000 above ground, and then spend ten minutes traveling (we hope safely) back to Earth. It's believed that he will travel 690 miles per hour, allowing him to break the sound barrier.


This death-defying (again, we hope) project is sponsored by Red Bull, which is funding the team and equipment needed to ensure Baumgartner comes back alive. The project was temporarily cancelled when a promoter filed suit, claiming the jump was his idea, but now that the case has been dismissed, the stunt is back on.

Image from Red Bull.

Sky diver to break sound barrier with jump from edge of space [Telegraph via reddit]

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Damn and Blast! Couldn't find a clip on YouTube of the SpaceDiving sequence in the Abrams Trek!

Ah, well, hope Felix does better than the guy in the red suit!