Fox is through with Saturday morning cartoons, colorful cereal, footie PJs and fun in general. 4Kids, the programmers behind Fox's Saturday morning line up, have given up on entertaining the youth this December, and Fox is replacing their programming with infomercials. I knew yelly spokesmen Billy Mayes was the devil.I warned us all, as Mayes was peddling Oxi Clean to the masses, that this bearded man would be our undoing — and now look. He's killed cartoons. More specifically, he's killed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Yu Gi Oh, and Chaotic. Granted, Fox chairman Tony Vinciquerra tried to explain that the said programs wouldn't be infomercials byt his reassurance doesn't really help:

"These are hopefully not infomercials," said Fox Networks Group chairman Tony Vinciquerra. "These will be longform programs that highlights their product. In that regard, it will have a little better quality."


So it may be more like the Magic Bullet commercial, but still a giant advertisement. Plus, I can only watch that drunk at 3 AM. This is simply un-American. How will children learn morals and values with our G.I. Joe's and other cartoon faces reminding them that "Knowing is Half The Battle?" Where will children turn to for love and understanding during the weekend? Surely not their parents. This will be the undoing of society, mark my words. [Variety]