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Skeletor, Jem, Gumby And Other Toys Really Want You To Buy A Honda

I'm not exactly sure what Honda is thinking by creating a whole commercial series where they let classic toys like Skeletor, Strawberry Shortcake, Stretch Armstong, and the Fisher-Price Little People shill their cars. But I guess I'm at least as likely to buy a car from He-Man's nemesis as I am an regular car salesman.


The idea is clearly that you would be just as excited to get a Honda car as you were getting certain toys for Christmas back when you were a kid. I have a few thoughts on the matter:

1) No child in the history of the world has ever been excited to receive a Gumby figure on Christmas morning.


2) I'm glad Stretch Armstrong has made peace with the fact that his primary play feature was when kids tried to rip off his arms.

3) Man, you get a lot of Fisher-Price Little People in a swarm like that, and they're kind of terrifying, aren't they?

[Via Geeks Are Sexy]

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I didn't know Strawberry Shortcake was so passive aggressive.