Ska Tune Network Turns a Beautiful Steven Universe Song Into a Self-Affirmation Anthem

From Steven Universe.
From Steven Universe.
Image: Cartoon Network

Ska Tune Network is one of my favorite YouTube channels. They take some great music and combine it with the most earnest genre of modern times, ska, to create vibrant, entertaining covers and lots of great new tunes to boot. In their latest video, they tackle a really great choice: “Change Your Mind” from Steven Universe.

I’ve written before about how special the whole “Change Your Mind” arc and vibe is, and Ska Tune Network takes that to a really great place. Instead of a quiet, sweet tune, now it’s a big anthem, a loud declaration of self-love and affirmation. It says I’m here, I’m me, and you have to deal with it. The horns, the energy, the playful vocals: it all works perfectly here. Like their other Steven Universe covers, this one really delivers.


If you like Ska Tune Network, they’ve also put out a whole album of Undertale cover songs that I’m sure absolutely whips. 

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