Six Ways Pushing Daisies Made Your Inner Nerd Cry Tears of Geeky Joy

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Click to view Nerds are renowned the world over for our extensive knowledge of possibly useless trivia, our obsessive devotion to our favorite books and films, and our resulting difficulties communicating with non-nerds. Thanks to modern internet culture, however, these days everyone is a nerd. And nowhere is that more evident than in these great moments from troubled urban fantasy show Pushing Daisies — where our hero is a Jedi wannabee slash zombie rights activist, and our Japanese-speaking heroine reads everything in sight.If you ever got in a swordfight, most likely you'd be relying on memories of countless light-saber-battle rewatches to help you out. And Pushing Daisies's piemaking Adonis would have to agree with you there:

Everybody knows nerds love Japan and everything about it. So when she casually jumped into a conversation with Japanese businessmen, female lead Chuck proved herself to be the sexiest nerd on television:

Have you ever pretended to be in a film noir while also shooting out SAT words? Well, if you haven't, you'd better do so and up your nerd cred:

When eHarmony doesn't pan out, we nerds must turn back to what has worked for us all our lives — fictional reality. A real devotee will go beyond a simple cardboard cutout of Princess Leia, and get himself a RealDoll:

Never let it be said that nerds don't protect our own. Piemaker Ned might spend his evenings raising the dead and asking them questions, but he does so with the utmost respect. He objects to the slander perpetuated by movies like Night of the Living Dead:

There is, unfortunately, a dark side to being a nerd. Ned's crippling social awkwardness makes for some truly tragic instances of word vomit:

And that's just what I could find on YouTube. Pushing Daisies is a veritable nerd pride parade, which is fitting, considering that its creator geeks out to the Original Series of Star Trek. I just hope the parade continues. Chuck image courtesy


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This is such an original and lovely to look at show! I know it's expensive to produce though, which gives it less of a chance of survival.