Six Spirit Clips To Test Your Frank Miller Tolerance

Is The Spirit just like Sin City — actually a playfully dark thriller, and we've all just missed the good jokes? See for yourself in these six Spirit clips.

Remember when you saw the first footage of The Spirit of the cess pool fight, and I called it a disjointed attempt at slapstick? Well now there are six more clips for you to peruse, and decide if Frank Miller's Spirit will tempt you into spending your hard earned money on a movie ticket. My guess is after hearing some of these one-liners fall flat, the answer will be no. But then again Eva Mendes gets pretend naked, so that has to appeal to someone.

A Fight In An Alley

The Hospital


Common Criminal (Or Eva Takes Off Her Towel)

Eye Candy, Scarjo Explains Why She's On Team Octopus

Lots Of Guns

Snowballs Over Guns

The Spirit opens on December 25th.

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