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Our latest look at the next Transformers film features very little of the historical elements we’ve seen before. Instead, it’s all about the future... and even beyond Autobots fighting Autobots, it’s a very bleak future for everyone involved.


Paramount has released a brief new teaser for the extended TV spot that will air this Sunday, February 5, during the Super Bowl, teasing that aforementioned grim fate for Earth and the Transformers, as well as a big mystery courtesy of Sir Anthony Hopkins’ character, described in this morning’s new synopsis for the film simply as “an English Lord.”

He seems to know a thing or two about giant transforming alien robots. though, including the real reason why the Cybertronians keep coming to Earth. Hopefully he can tell us before Optimus Prime turns evil and starts fighting his fellow Auto—wait, nope, too late.


Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters in June.

Update: On Sunday, Michael Bay uploaded the extended version of this Super Bowl spot, with some new footage.

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