Sinners, Welcome to the Westworld Season 2 Trailer

Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) thinks you’ve been asleep long enough.
Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) thinks you’ve been asleep long enough.
Screenshot: HBO
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When the cat’s away, the mice will play—at least until some other cats come in with giant guns a’blazing. The latest trailer for the second season of HBO’s Westworld shows what happens after robots try to break their loop. In short: a lot of chaos.

The second season of Westworld takes place soon after Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) killed Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), triggering a new narrative where the robot hosts have rebelled and created a hellish park on earth. The trailer shows how the Delos Corporation is trying to mitigate the damage—mainly by shooting a bunch of shit—as well as how some of the hosts and guests feel about their brave new world.


The trailer’s given us some hints about what’s to come and confirmed a couple things too. For example, we’ve got our first look at the return of Hector (Rodrigo Santoro), who was last seen saving Maeve (Thandie Newton) and presumably shot by Delos guards. Also, the shots of Delos troops arriving on shore all-but-confirms the theory that Westworld exists on an island, which might explain how it avoids certain laws and jurisdictions.

But the biggest news of all: We get our first major look at the newest park to join the roster, Shogun World! Given how there are supposedly six parks altogether, this just whets my appetite at the other worlds we’ll get to visit on the series. Westworld returns April 22. All sinners welcome.

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My Theoryworld: The owners of Westword’s end game is immortality via download into perfect robot bodies. A darker proto-Altered Carbon, if you will.

You have to admit, it doesn’t hurt to have all of the doctors and lawyers pay for your R&D by giving them the best/worst of Las Vegas AND Disney land. Besides, you hope you won’t need the doctors soon anyway.

Sadly, you won’t be to get rid of the lawyers. You can never get rid of the lawyers.