Sinister Six Defeat Amazing Spider-Man! (Or At Least Their Movie Does)

Illustration for article titled Sinister Six Defeat Amazing Spider-Man! (Or At Least Their Movie Does)

Looks like those rumors that Sony was concerned about the Amazing Spider-Man movie series weren't entirely unfounded. Sony has just announced that Amazing Spider-Man 3 will be delayed two years, until 2018... but that the Sinister Six movie will now premiere on November 11th, 2016.


Hollywood Reporter reports (from Hollywood) that Sony is really happy with Drew Goddard's Sinister Six script, and really unhappy with Amazing Spider-Man 2, which had the smallest Spidey movie box office ever, even accounting for inflation. Letting the Sinister Six take center stage — more specifically, giving audiences a Spider-Man movie that they don't feel like they've already seen before — is probably the best way to rejuvenate the franchise. The question is whether Goddard can write a script that includes six villains that doesn't feel as cluttered or clunky as the first Spider-Man 3 or ASM2. I certainly hope so (although probably not as much as Sony does).

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Wait, so the Sinister Six are going to be introduced and given the spotlight BEFORE they can fight with Spider-Man? That seems weird. What are they gonna do for an entire movie that will not cause Spidey to show up? And if Spidey does show up, then isn't it just a Spidey movie?