Singing Spidey Will Dance Across Broadway Sooner Than Expected

Julie Taymor's webslinging Broadway musical featuring Peter Parker has upped its release date to 2009 instead of the original 2010. Also, set descriptions and a review of the Spidey workshop between Taymor's old cast from Across The Universe, Evan Rachel Wood and Jim Sturgess, have finally leaked out. I can't wait to hear these two sing again, I hope they go all the way to the stage without getting replaced or leaving for a film.According to IESB , Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel announced that he expects the musical to debut in 2009, about a year earlier than expected. In an interview with Cinematical Sturgess revealed that he and Wood were working with Taymor in a Spider-Man Musical workshop, and finally we have a little information on what went down that week. The Bad and the Ugly had a spy attend an actual workshop with the two actors:

I was privileged to get to attend a workshop of Spider-Man (hopefully to be on Broadway) the week before Christmas. Saw Evan Rachel Wood and Jim Sturgess. They are both vocal powerhouses, both very tall, very attractive. So much chemistry, I'd be worried if I was Marilyn Manson. ERW plays the role of Mary Jane perfectly. she puts Kirsten Dunst to shame. Which isn't a surprise, it doesn't take much, but ERW's acting and singing abilities make her the leading talent among her peers. As for the unlikely choice of Jim Sturgess for Peter Parker, his American accent is flawless and he has the mischievous sparkle that Tobey Maguire lacks in his wooden acting.


In other Spidey Song news the a Live Blog (which New York Magazine reprinted), that has since been taken down, reported that they had witnessed the concept art for the Spider-Man musical sets and described them as:

they are amazing - stylish and graphic with forced perspective and vertigo-inducing angles. Lots of LED stuff, also. We also got to see test footage from the swinging and flying and a short video of the team figuring out how to shoot webs. As Glen said, obviously there are going to be a lot of wires in this show. If it bothers you to see them, this is not the show for you.

Jim Sturgess is amazing and I think both he and Evan Rachel Wood would make a fantastic Peter and Mary Jane, though I can't see them staying on this project for more than a quick season. Still if the Bono and The Edge collaborative is heavy on the rock and light on the self indulgent Bono oohing and aahing, we may have a new B-way hit on our hands. As long as they address how they're going to get Spider-Man to sing seeing as there is no hole in his mask for his mouth, I'll be satisfied.

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