Singing Pirate Christopher Walken Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Peter Pan Live! has released even more dancing and singing footage from the dress rehearsal of their soon-to-be-live and televised musical show. If there was any doubt that there is magic in this world, please let the pausing and mugging Walken clear that up for you.


Casting Walken in this role was probably the smartest thing this live-action show could have done. Personally, I think whoever suggested Walken should be given a medal. Also in this footage, we have the first look at character Tiger Lily, who is not wearing her original costume (good). According to EW, her song from the original show "Ugg-a-Wugg," has been re-titled to "True Blood Brothers," and all the nonsense words the character uttered in the original musical have been swapped out for nursery rhymes.

Executive Producer Neil Meron told EW that:

"Amanda has consulted with our Native American consultant [Jerod Tate], just in terms of replacing 'Ugg-a-Wugg' with something more traditionally Native American—which has been approved by them and the rights holders. Now and forever, this will hopefully be the version [in the show]."


Fingers crossed the previously offensive lyrics have been scrubbed out entirely.

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I wonder how the transgender community sees the theatrical Peter Pan tradition of casting a woman as this magical adolescent boy.