Singing fork infuses mealtime with the sounds of robots dying

Researchers at Ochanomizu University have built the EaTheremin, a fork that uses electricity to make a bleep-bloop racket. Is there any practical use for it? Not particularly. Does it turn dinnertime into a symphony of R2-D2's death knells? Oh yes.


Notes the fork's creators:

"The sound produced varies, depending on the resistance. When you bite the food on the end of the fork, electricity passes through your body, forming an equivalent circuit. The resistance value depends on the food, and the sound produced depends on the resistance."

"Electricity passes through your whole body, so no matter where you touch this to your body, you will get a sound. But because the inside of your mouth is the wettest part, you get a really good sound there."

"Our aim is that, because this creates a good rhythm, people will want to eat more, or try eating foods they didn't really like before. We think it would be great if children have fun with this."


I suppose it's a wise investment if you were going to psychologically torture your kids into eating healthy ("Every time you take a bite of the cheesecake, the ghosts come back!"). I'd buy one of these if it serenaded me with the Wilhelm Scream.

[Via Diginfo]

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That seriously sounds like whatever is on that fork screaming in pain. Why the hell would I want to hear this while eating???