In the dystopian future, as the human population plummets, we'll need PSAs to remind us to get laid. Apparently that future is here, at least in Singapore, a nation whose birth rate is one of the lowest in the world. Now a local ad agency, with the help of Mentos, is trying to jumpstart a baby boom with this vaguely hip hop song urging people to have sex. Over at Foreign Policy's Passport blog, Joshua Keating calls the video the country's least successful effort at social engineering.

Here are some amazing sample lyrics:

It's national night and I want a baby, boo
I know you want it, so does the SDU
I ain't merlion baby, this is national duty
Let me SMS the details of our late night dooty... call [...]
Singapore's population, it needs some increasing
So forget waving flags, August 9th we be freaking


The coming population crash may be more bizarre than you ever thought.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

The song, devised by ad agency BBH Asia-Pacific and spread via social media, is part of Mentos's plan to launch a special "I Heart SG" pack of their signature mints for this year's National Day. The agency was asked to come up with a campaign to "prove how much Mentos really 'hearts' " Singapore, according to the project's creative director, Adrian Chan.

"Mentos has always stood for 'fresh thinking,' so we decided to apply some to an issue that is very close to home: our declining national birthrate," said Mr. Chan.