Sing Along As The World Ends, With Folkalypse Band We'll Write

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As the world ends, who'll provide the soundtrack for the final moments? In all likelihood, apocalyptic British folk band We'll Write, whose music video includes a giant robot taking over the world.


We'll Write hails from London, and they start off their biography by noting that oil is vanishing, bees are disappearing, and robots will take over the world. Fittingly, they've titled their latest album Songs for the End of the World.

The two began singing together in 2004 and released their first EP in 2007 as a free download. And they've found a new way to release their first full-length album - instead of completing the album beforehand, they have released it in serial form, releasing each song one at a time, and completely for free.


Songs for the End of the World falls purely in the geek realm. Bleached Bone Fields, their first track off the album, follows a sort of post-apocalyptic vibe where there's vivid imagry of deserts and the protagonist trying to avoid falling asleep. Measure of a Man looks at robotics, Demon is about, well, Demons, Trampoline Song talks about the yearning to reach the sky, and so on. Additionally, while the first eight songs are available to download right away, there's additional b-sides that they include with each release for members of their mailing list.

The two have recently released their first music video for the song Measure of A Man, which features giant robots taking over the world. The CGI is a bit clunky, to be honest, but it certainly is amusing.

The album isn't perfect, but it is fun. It's pretty clear that these guys have a geniune appreciation for fandom and the elements that help to make it up, if this album is to go by.


Even as they sing about the end of the world, their music delivery method could be the beginning of something new. As the musicians and the music industry continues to realize just how the internet can be used to get music to fans, smaller acts such as We'll Write have the inherent advantage of being able to slip in, gainiing fans through a number of social networking sites and music blogs. It's entirely possible that this is the future, or at least a glimpse of the near future, when it comes to the entire entertainment industry.

Hopefully, though, the robot apocaylse won't happen until after their album is completed.


In the meantime, feel free to check out the album here.

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Corpore Metal

My personal favorite pre-apocalyptic song is, of course, Tom Leher's wonderful, cute, little ditty about a full thermonuclear war:

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