Since Superman Absorbs Solar Rays, Here's A Skimpier, Sun-Friendly Look

Illustration for article titled Since Superman Absorbs Solar Rays, Heres A Skimpier, Sun-Friendly Look

One of the arguments behind Starfire's barely-there outfit is that her powers are fed by solar energy. Since Superman also gets his powers from our yellow sun, cartoonist J.Bone designed a new, less UV-blocking costume for the Man of Steel.

J.Bone, who has worked on the Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Super Friends comics, jokingly gives Superman a rather beachy look, one that requires us to look in a rather inconvenient spot to see the Kryptonian's shield.


J.Bone also decided to pair it with a cape:

It's a cute joke on Starfire's outfit, although it does come off as weirdly sexy as Chris Haley's Superman with a Power Girl-inspired ab and pecs window.

[via callmekitto]


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Why is he smiling? Zach Snyder would not approve!