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Why would anyone want to make a poor man's Sin City? Looking like it was filmed in someone's garage, a new show in development called Dead End City has a host of "sexy" ladies wearing outfits from a box of old Halloween costumes. The show's ancient main character is Murphy, played by Gary Graham from Alien Nation and Star Trek: Enterprise. I can't figure out too much from the official website, but it looks like Murphy teams up with Dead End City's "Babes" to solve crimes and make out, which is disturbing in so many ways. Oh and there are zombies. I beg of you to check out the behind-the-scenes footage after the jump, if you can stomach it.


This show is so bad I think a high school theater troop could have done a better job. It's so awful it seriously makes me uncomfortable. That being said, I root for Dead End City's success. Hopefully it will become some cult classic and "eye patchy" actress can get a huge following. And here's the show's website.

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