Simultaneously the stupidest/most disturbing ending in horror movie history? [NSFW]

Chances are you're familiar with such Troma Entertainment flicks as The Toxic Avenger and Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD. Kitschy fun, right? Well, let's watch the infamous ending of the 1989 child cannibal flick Beware! Children At Play.

In this mostly unwatchable no-budget movie (trailer), a cult leader/feral boy named Grendel slowly but surely kidnaps a rural town's children for his flesh-eating tribe. The police finally take notice after the umpteenth kid is kidnapped, and a fire-and-brimstone mob of grieving parents heads out into the forest to find the tots.


The film's heroic dad heads them off to defeat Grendel, but that won't stop crazy Farmer Braun (the film's director, Mik Cribben) from cleansing the evil. What precipitates next is equal parts shoddy and shocking.

Beware! Children At Play is on Netflix Streaming, just in case every other film on Netflix inexplicably crashes and every library on the planet spontaneously combusts and a collective amnesia eradicates our cognitive capacities to ever have fun again.


Via Barstool NYC — hat tip to Mr. Kritz!

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If you want a disturbing horror movie involving kids, check out The Children. SUPER creepy.