This simple piece of technology could help save sea turtles

One of the biggest problems for endangered sea turtles off the coast of Mexico is that they get tangled in fishing nets. But a group of conservationists has figured out a simple way to warn the turtles away from the nets, just by using water-activated LEDs.


You can see the technology in this segment from a student-made video, ¡Viva la Tortuga!, about how locals are trying to protect the sea turtles off the coast of Baja. Apparently the LEDs allow the turtles to see the edges of the net and not get caught. There's been a fifty percent drop in turtle net accidents for fishing operations that use the lights. And this is just one of many ways that conservation groups are helping to keep Baja's rich ecosystem diverse and resilient.

This video is part of an award-winning series of student films on environmental issues — you should check them all out! Environmental journalist Andy Revkin, who runs the Dot Earth blog for the New York Times, worked with the students who made these at Pace University, and you can read more about their efforts here.

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Cool. Gotta love sea turtles.