Here's our favorite moment from last night's Warehouse 13 — the slinky catsuit, Sean Maher in full-body purple, the impassioned speech, all culminating in the hand blasts. Seriously cute stuff.

Last night's ep, "Mild Mannered," was good fun, and had some cute comic book references, especially the idea that Jack Kirby owned a belt that changed his molecular density. (Allowing him to Hulk out?) And bonus points for the reason why Pete couldn't wear the superhero suit — because indulging in his boyish power fantasies would mean risking impotence. Heh. And yeah, it was great to see Jewel Staite and Sean Maher together again, and it's nice to think that Kaylee and Simon are living together and slinging lemon meringue pies somewhere. That, by itself, was really worth the whole deal.


For me, the best parts of the episode had to do with Artie dealing with the ghost of McPherson, both literally and figuratively. Honestly, the more this show gives Saul Rubinek to do, the better it gets — the scenes where he grapples with the apparitions of his dead former friend were great, and the bit where he goes down to the basement office and finally confronts his grief over the loss of McPherson was really powerful stuff.

Slightly less successful was the "Claudia blames Leena for impersonating her while under McPherson's mind control" subplot. Which only made me think Claudia needs to get over herself, kind of.


All in all, another fun episode with plenty of nerd in-jokes. What did you guys think?

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