Simon Pegg Will Co-Write the Next Star Trek Movie

The clip above is from Spaced. Seeing Pegg say that odd-numbered Star Trek movies suck is an immutable law of the universe is just a smidge ironic given the news that he'll be one of the writers on the third reboot movie.


Pegg'll cowrite the script with Doug Jung, creator of TNT's Dark Blue and the writer of Diamond for Bad Robot and Paramount — which is what got him this job. They're only just getting started, but they're going to have to work relatively fast, since the film's scheduled to be released on July 8, 2016.

I'm honestly not sure how I feel about this choice. My initial reaction was "Yay! .... or wait, maybe not yay." Pegg's clearly a science fiction fan, and he's a delight as Scotty. But is his sensibility the right one for a Star Trek film? I really don't know.

[Deadline via Trekcore]



Wow, so does that mean we might actually get to see Nick Frost as Harry Mudd?