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Look, The World's End is definitely the big release of the week, possibly tied with season five of the remastered Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray, but all I want you to know is this week's DVDs includes a horror movie about shepherds fucking a broom. Seriously.

The World's End


Simon Pegg convinces his grown-up pals to return home to finish an epic pub-crawl during the end of the world in Edgar Wright's finale to the Cornetto trilogy. There are a truly preposterous amount of features, check the first comment on the Amazon page for the full list.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season 5

One of TNG's finest seasons, done up in HD and with improved CG effects. Contains episodes featuring Ambassador Spock, Worf as a midwife, and the fan favorite "The Inner Light." There's also a tribute to Gene Roddenberry feature that is supposedly quite good.

Star Trek : The Next Generation – Unification


The two-episode story from TNG season 5 — the one starring Leonard Nimoy as Ambassador Spock — edited into a single movie.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet


The First Doctor arrives in the far-off future of 1986, only to discover a rogue planet is on a collision course with Earth in this new-to-DVD adventure.

Night of the Comet: Collector's Edition


A comet causes everyone in L.A. to turn into zombies except two valley girls, who must navigate the post-apocalypse in this extremely weird but weirdly compelling cult classic.

Lost Girl: Season Three


"In the wake of the battle with the Garuda, Bo finds herself experiencing strange new appetites – and increasingly evil urges. Ever loyal Lauren and the Succubus get serious about their relationship, but keeping up with Bo proves to be no easy task. Meanwhile, Kenzi continues to struggle with being human in a Fae world, Hale is named the acting Ash, and Dyson's new partner – a Valkyrie vixen known as Tamsin – has her sights set on Bo." I have no idea what any of this means.

One Piece: Strong World


The Straw Hat pirates must brave a series of floating islands and the fearsome beasts who inhabit them to rescue their navigator Nami in this anime movie written by One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda himself — which means for the first time ever, an anime movie is actually canon.



Sentient airplanes with enormous eyeballs and mouths terrorize the skies in this sequel to Pixar's similar horror classic Cars.

Tank Girl: Collector's Edition


The toned-down Hollywood adaptation of the basically unadaptable cult comic by Jamie Hewlett. To this day, the only movie to star Ice-T as an anthropomorphic kangaroo-man.

Drew: The Man Behind the Poster


A feature-length documentary on artist Drew Struzan, who is basically responsible for pretty much every single movie poster you love.

The Return


An alien spaceship returns to a small town to mutilate cattle and people in this 1980 scifi flick, because they are apparently very, very bored.

Beach Babes from Beyond


This 1993 skin flick starring Martin Sheen's brother, Sylvester Stallone's brother, John Travolta's brother and Burt Ward is apparently not the original unrated version, which 1) has a lot of Amazon commenters very upset and 2) what the hell is the point?

The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series


All 156 episode of Rod Serling's classic TV series, full of horror, scifi, intelligence, and guest stars. Warning: There are no extras on this set, so look for "The Definitive Collection" if you want those.



A 2011 movie called Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption, retitled to confuse people looking for World War Z that don't look at the cover very hard.

Sennentuntschi: Curse of the Alps


"An Alpine legend tells the story of three lonely herdsmen who were so starved of female companionship they built the girl of their dreams from a broom, some straw and a few rags. Then the Devil took pity upon them and made Sennentuntschi live and breathe..." Alpine legends are fucked up.

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