Simon Pegg Cast As The Devil in The Gathering? Yes, Please

Some exciting news from the director of comedy-horror movie The Gathering (not to be confused with Magic: The Gathering, also in pre-production) has emerged: Simon Pegg has been cast as the devil. He'll appear in the anthology film's framing device, which director Jon Keeyes describes thusly in his Fangoria interview:

On Halloween night, the devil brings together Mary Shelley, H.P. Lovecraft, Bram Stoker, and Edgar Allan Poe in purgatory to tell their best untold tales, the idea being that whoever has the best story of the night gets to leave purgatory forever ... We've tried to put a spin on the essence of the stories they're most well-known for. So Stoker tells a vampire tale, but it's not about Dracula. H.P. Lovecraft's story is sort of Re-Animator-esque, set in the Victorian era.

We've approached it with the idea of what these writers would be like all these years since they died. They've got a slighty modern sensibility, as if they've kept up with the changing times while they've been in purgatory, while still holding onto the personalities and nuances they would have had in the eras they lived in. So there's a whole lot of bickering and rivalry.


The casting of Pegg is just the cherry on top for a film that's already loaded with cult-tastic talent, including Jeffrey "Herbert West" Combs as Poe, David "American Werewolf" Naughton as Lovecraft, and Doug "Pinhead" Bradley as Bram Stoker.

Plus, Keeyes adds:

We've got Udo Kier, Clint Howard, Robert Englund, Lin Shaye, Ashley Laurence, Gunnar Hansen, Bill Moseley, Debbie Rochon, and William Sadler committed to do the movie — it's a huge cast.

So we're talking Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Chop Top, the Ice Cream Man, the Grim Reaper, and Udo Kier in the same movie. Definitely sounds like one to keep an eye on, no? The Gathering begins shooting in May 2015.

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