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Sigourney Weaver Says No Ripley in Alien Prequel

Illustration for article titled Sigourney Weaver Says No Ripley in Alien Prequel

Details are still scarce on Ridley Scott's plans for his Alien prequel, but Sigourney Weaver has laid one bit of speculation to rest: we won't be seeing her xenomorph-blasting heroine Ripley this time around.


MTV News tracked down Weaver at Comic Con, and asked her whether she would be involved in the upcoming Alien film, to which Weaver replied that she couldn't imagine an appearance by Ripley:


Just this winter, Weaver was talking about the possibility of a Ripley-centric movie with no Aliens, so it's a relief to hear once and for all that we'll be getting back to the Xenomorphs. And, as awesome a character as Ripley (at least the original Ripley) was, it's probably time for her to step aside and let other characters show off their Alien-killing chops. Hopefully, this is just one of many signs that Scott is genuinely looking to tell an interesting story set in this universe, rather than simply milking the franchise.

[MTV Movies Blog]

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The ONLY way you could have Sigourney in the prequel would be to have the movie end with The Corporation contacting Mother (the Nostromo's computer) and redirecting it to investigate the signal.

This is important because if you watch the first three movies back-to-back (skipping the trailer) each movie picks up exactly where the previous movie ended. This was done so well in fact that it was possible to edit the three movies into a seamless xenomorph spectacle with nary a trailer credit until the end of the third movie.

In short the prequel needs to cover all of the details about how The Corporation knows about the Xenomorph, what they plan to do with it and how long have they known. I see this movie as more psychological thriller with a crazed alien rather than an out and out gore-fest.

This is one and only opportunity that the franchise has to clean up the mess left by the AVP movies where the xenomorph was introduced to earth WAY too early.