Sigourney Weaver in the trailer for Oats Studios Volume 1 by Neill Blomkamp. Image: YouTube
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It seems pretty unlikely that we’ll ever see Sigourney Weaver return to the Alien franchise with director Neill Blomkamp. But we now know she’ll return to an alien type film from the director as part of his new venture, Oats Studios.

Oats Studios is headed up by Blomkamp (who is best known for directing District 9 and Elysium), and it’s simply described as “creating experimental content.” What that means is that it’s an outlet for him to make and release a bevy of short films online, for free, and hope that the ideas can then be forged into features. And, as evidenced by this trailer, he’s already got some real talent on board, including the aforementioned Weaver.

There are a lot of beautiful and intriguing images in there, as there were in the first teaser released last week, and it feels like this is a smart outlet for a talent like Blomkamp. Outside of District 9, most of his films have suffered from a multitude of problems, and something like Oats will allow for him to try a bunch of different things, and gauge fan reaction instantly.


If you want to know more about the studio, The Verge did a long interview with Blomkamp about it. It’s worth checking out.


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