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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Emilia Clarke and Pedro Pascal break down the latest Game of Thrones episode. Ben Foster describes his Warcraft character. Doctor Who's latest director talks about what she brings to the set. Check out another Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. Plus, new details from the filming of Terminator: Genesis. Spoilers now!


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At the Hero Complex Movie Festival, Sigourney Weaver hinted that she'd be interested in returning to the role of Ripley, saying:

Had we done a fifth one, I don't doubt that her humanity would have prevailed. … I do feel like there is more story to tell.

... I feel a longing from fans for the story to be finished. I could imagine a situation where we finish telling the story.


[Los Angeles Times]

Terminator: Genesis

James Cameron stated that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be "very much front and center" in the reboot. [Los Angeles Times]

Here are photos from the production's filming in the CCC in New Orleans. [K Pop Starz]


Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Way back when, we heard rumors that the Detroit crew was looking for a convenience store to use for a robbery scene. Now we have confirmation: Lakepoint Market in Keego Harbor, MI was prepped on May 14th and the scene was filmed the next day. [Batman News]


And here's what purports to be a photo of a mold of Superman's costume from the film. All the grains of salt are indicated. [Dark Knight News]

Illustration for article titled Sigourney Weaver Is Interested In emAlien 5/em! Plus Details From emAvatar/em!

Amazing Spider-Man 3

This is purely speculation, but What Culture has a list of people they think might show up as allies to Spidey in the next film, including:

  • Steel Spider/Spider Kid (based on the upcoming inclusion of Doctor Octopus)
  • Spider-Woman
  • Venom (based on the idea that the character will be an anti-hero and won't be included in Sinister Six)
  • Dr. Curt Connors
  • Black Cat
  • Harry Osborn

Check out the whole list at the link. [What Culture]

Edge of Tomorrow

Director Doug Liman eliminated more than 2/3 of Dante Harper's original script to build the movie "from scratch." After going through writers Christopher McQuarrie, Simon Kinberg, and Jez and John-Henry Butterworth, Liman still wasn't happy with the final act. According to Liman, things got tense on the set:

I was a little under pressure and I snapped. And Emily said, 'Easy, I've never made a movie like this before!' I fired back, 'Well, neither have I!'


[Los Angeles Times]

And here's another trailer. [via First Showing]


Here's Ben Foster describing his character, Medivh:

The character in Warcraft that I play is named Medivh. He's a mage, which is essentially a sorcerer. He came up in a time protecting an area, and the way he protected this area was through magic. As peace returned to this land he took a break. He hung up his staff, so to speak, or let his guns get dusty. We meet him as his friends are returning asking for his help in a battle.



Avatar 2, 3, 4

Here's James Cameron describing how they wrote all the scripts in one go:

We tried an experiment. We set ourselves a challenge of writing three films at the same time. And I could certainly write any one of them but to write three in some reasonable amount of time – we wanted to shoot them together so we couldn't start one until all three scripts were done and approved. So I knew I was going to have to "parallel process" which meant I would have to work with other writers. And the best experience I had working with other writers was in television when I did Dark Angel. The television room is a highly collaborative, fun experience.

So we put together three teams, one for each script. The teams consist of me and another writer on each one of the three [films]. So I'm across all the films and then each one of them would have their own individual script they were responsible for. But what we did that was unique was we sat in the writing room for five months, eight hours a day, and we worked out every beat of the story across all three films so it all connects as one, sort of, three film saga. And I didn't tell them which one was going to be theirs individually to write until the last day. So everyone was equally invested, story wise, in all three films.

So, for example, the guy that got movie three, which is middle one of this new trilogy, he now knows exactly what preceded and what follows out of what he's writing at any given moment. We all consider that to be a really exciting, creative and groundbreaking experiment in screenwriting. I don't know if that necessarily yields great scripts but it certainly worked for us as a process to get our minds around this kind of epic with all these new creatures, environments and characters and all that.

Cause the first thing I did was sat for a year and wrote 1500 pages of notes of the world and the cultures and the different clans and different animals and different biomes and so on. And had a lot of loose thematic stuff that ran through that but I didn't [have] a concrete story. I wanted to approach it more like, "Guys we're going to adapt a novel or series of novels." Because I felt that kind of detail, even if movies can't ever be that detailed – it can be visually detailed, it can't be that detailed in terms of character and culture. But you always get this tip of the iceberg kind of thing. You sense it's there off camera or in the past of the moment that you're seeing. So I felt that was the way to do it.


[Slash Film]

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Titus Welliver described his character this way:

I basically play the shark, like the shark of JAWS. I play this (Navy) Seal who has been tasked with eradicating the world of Transformers. Since the battle in Chicago in the previous film, they've now become outlawed so i'm in charge of a group of guys who are doing that.


[The Arnold Fans]

Guardians of the Galaxy

Here's an alternate trailer with a bit of new footage:

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Here are a bunch of featurettes:

Game of Thrones

Even though his character's gone, Pedro Pascal did talk about what he and Indira Varma have left as a legacy:

You put your own stamp on the character with the accent you gave Oberyn. Can you discuss why you decided to give him this accent and inspired it?

Pascal: I was able to recognize in the character of Oberyn that something very "other" was being ushered into the world. I didn't think an American accent would be appropriate. I didn't want to fail miserably at a bad English accent, so I had this instinct that this character sounded like my father. I'm from Chile. I was born in Chile but I grew up in the States, and both of my parents spoke accented English. Spanish is my first language. I didn't think too hard about it. It was something I tried, and they had never asked me to change it.

Did Indira Varma, who plays Oberyn's lover Ellaria Sand, have to learn that accent also since she's also Dornish?

Pascal: Poor Indira Varma was forced into the corner of having to do an accent similar to mine. I think she does hers better. She did not need to be coached by me. She actually came with her own sound. She had a similar instinct. She came in with the perfect sound of Ellaria Sand based on what her instincts were. Nobody thwarted either of us in our attempts at foreign accents.

Both of you have influenced how the Dornish will sound on the show now.

Pascal: It is interesting, isn't it? We did get together and find common ground in terms of "What do we sound like?" And what she brought to it was so much already her own, and that's ultimately what she's doing in the series.


[TV Guide]

Also following up on Sunday's episode is Emilia Clarke, who said of Daenarys and Jorah's scene:

Emotionally for me it was so intricate. Jorah's been with me since day one, season one. The scene itself is unpleasant because I — Emilia — know that what Dany is doing is wrong, And it was the first time I've ever felt that."

I'm looking at Ian Glen thinking: 'Don't leave!' I'm banishing him and all I want to do is cling to his ankles. It was really hard it marked one of the biggest decisions of this character to date.


[Entertainment Weekly]

A couple of tweets indicate that we'll be getting a flashback to young Cersei next year (could it be the Maggy the Frog scene?). [Winter Is Coming]

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Doctor Who

Steven Moffat said that the casting of Peter Capaldi was part of breaking the formula of casting a "handsome, yet quirky, young man with entertaining hair." And he said the new season is the biggest change, in general, since the show returned:

We haven't made much of change to Doctor Who since it came back in 2005. It's been the same show. It's maybe amped some things up and lowered some other things, but it's basically the same.

I just felt it needs to be a bit more different now. It's needs to be surprising again!


[Digital Spy]

Director Rachel Talalay talked about her approach and what it means to be one of the few female directors to helm the show:

I don't approach it in terms of, 'What am I bringing that's different?' I'm approaching it in terms of, 'How the hell do you do this?!' It's so hard! It's so big and so hard and so ambitious

When you're working with a wonderful script, you just think, 'How do I tell this story beautifully and blow away the audience?'


[Digital Spy]


Misha Collins said that he thinks that Castiel really did think that Dean was dead and speculated about the upcoming season:

Well, I think Cas has demonstrated that he's willing to sacrifice quite a lot, like an entire army, to save Dean. I think that Cas will react when he sees Dean...[by being] happy that Dean's alive, and then he'll be sad that Dean's a demon.




Here's a trailer for episode 1.08, "Departures." [via SpoilerTV]

The Leftovers

Here's a featurette on the set of HBO's new show:


Here's a trailer:

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