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Sick of live-action zombie survival games? Try an overnight werewolf hunt

Illustration for article titled Sick of live-action zombie survival games? Try an overnight werewolf hunt

If you'd like to play a survival horror game, but you're over zombies, British activity company Chillisauce offers an alternative: a night in the woods spent hunting a vicious werewolf.


Chillisauce organizes stag weekends, including a zombie boot camp experience. The werewolf experience is a bit different, as participants are hunting a swift and cunning predator in lieu of a horde of slow-moving cannibals:

Deep in the heart of the countryside, near Birmingham, Farmers have reported unusual losses of livestock, and missing person reports are flooding the local papers. Rumours surfaced of a Special Ops team disappearing 24 months ago - the only clues left were a garbled radio message, and a mangled corpse.

Put simply - it's your turn to step up where others have failed: Take on the werewolf - on his own turf, and try to outwit this fierce, cunning, intelligent predator.


In addition to handling their fake guns, participants learn to set pressure traps and trip wires. Compared to the zombie survival games, this sounds a little less haunted house and a little more of a fanciful version of "The Most Dangerous Game," except here the game is sporting fur and fake claws.

Birmingham Overnight Werewolf Hunting Experience [Chilisauce via Oddity Central]

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Let's have even more fun.

Create a live action role play where we are the Werewolves hunting a bunch of rednecks.

And we get to keep what we kill.