Shudder's Anything for Jackson Trailer Promises a New Holiday Horror

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...
Image: Shudder
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The holidays might be the most wonderful time of the year—but in the world of horror films, they’re also the most terrifying. Shudder is adding its own “wintery anti-Nativity tale” to the mix with Anything for Jackson, about a couple willing to summon Satan himself to save their grandson.


Shudder has released the first trailer for Justin G. Dyck’s Anything for Jackson, a new holiday horror movie that stars Sheila McCarthy (The Umbrella Academy) and Julian Richings (Doom Patrol, Channel Zero) as Audrey and Henry, a Satan-worshipping couple who’ve lost their only grandson, Jackson, in a car accident. Desperate to make the family whole again, they kidnap one of Henry’s pregnant patients, Becker (Konstantina Mantelos), so they can perform a “Reverse Exorcism” and put Jackson’s soul inside the unborn baby.

However, as you can see in the trailer, the couple gets more than they bargained for when the spell they’ve invoked ends up inviting more ghosts into their home. The couple now has to figure out a way to survive these new terrors, as Becker tries to find a way to escape and keep her child safe. It promises to be another solid holiday horror release from Shudder, feeling like a mix between Hereditary, Misery, and IFC Midnight’s recently released Kindred.

Anything for Jackson debuts on Shudder December 3.

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