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Showtime's Halo Series Has Found Its Master Chief

Pablo Schreiber at Netflix’s 2016 Golden Globes after party.
Pablo Schreiber at Netflix’s 2016 Golden Globes after party.
Image: Randy Shropshire (Getty Images)

When news first broke about Showtime’s live-action series based on Microsoft’s Halo franchise, one of the more surprising details was that the show would revolve around the video game franchise’s hulking Spartan warrior whose face is never actually revealed, because he never removes his helmet. See that face up there? That’s him. That’s Master Chief.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, American Gods’ Pablo Schreiber has signed on to suit up as Master Chief for Showtime’s Halo, which makes a certain degree of sense given that one of Master Chief’s more defining traits is, well, his uncommonly tall height (according to Google, Schreiber’s 6'5"). Schreiber’s alien-fighting super soldier is joined by new character Quan Ah (portrayed by Yerin Ha), a teenaged girl from the Outer Colonies who crosses paths with Master Chief in a way that changes both of their lives.


There’s no word yet on when Halo will be hitting the airwaves, but Deadline notes “the series will begin production in Budapest, Hungary in the fall.”

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Blind Prophet all I can think of is Master Chief calling Cortana ‘Dead wife’.