Showdown: Will Captain America 3 go up against Batman Vs. Superman?

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Meet a major character in Doctor Who season 8. See what's happening in the first four episodes of Orphan Black season 2. Manu Bennett talks about Slade's family on Arrow. There's some important Flash costume news. Plus, two feautrettes from Captain America 2. Spoilers now!

Captain America

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Marvel's already got a release date for Captain America 3: May 6, 2016. That's also the currently scheduled release date for Batman Vs. Superman, making May 6, 2016 a literal Marvel/DC film showdown. Marvel and Disney also have an untitled movie scheduled for July 8, 2016, so there's always a chance they could shift Captain America 3 there. In fact, it's unlikely that one of the studios won't back down and move something — but Kevin Feige has recently indicated that Marvel won't budge. Looks like the ball's in Warner Brothers' court now. [Hollywood Reporter via Slashfilm]


And here are a pair of featurettes. One, via Movie Trailer Updates, is about Falcon. The other is about Black Widow. [via Slashfilm]

Zero Theorem

If you're wondering what the reaction is so far to Terry Gilliam's latest movie, the answer is "Mixed." Total Film's and Empire's reviews were generally positive, but Variety described it as "A sci-fi confection that, at best, momentarily recalls the dystopian whimsy of the director's best-loved effort, "Brazil," but ends up dissolving into a muddle of unfunny jokes and half-baked ideas, all served up with that painful, herky-jerky Gilliam rhythm."

Coming in the middle were The Guardian and Contact Music, which both gave it three stars. See more of the reviews rounded up at the link. [Contact Music]

Through the Looking Glass

Helena Bonham Carter, who played the Red Queen in 2010's Alice In Wonderland, joins Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska on the list of actors returning for the sequel. [Variety via Slashfilm]


Orphan Black

Here are the episode descriptions for the first four episodes of season 2:

Episode 1: 'Nature Under Constraint and Vexed'

Saturday, April 19
In the season premiere, Sarah is out of options, on the run, and pursued by deadly adversaries. Desperate to find her daughter Kira, Sarah suspects ruthless pro-clone Rachel is behind her daughter's disappearance and sparks an all out war against her. Alison and Donnie attend the funeral of her fallen friend, Aynsley, causing Alison to sink into guilt and despair. Cosima is faced with a perplexing decision that may have dire consequences.

Episode 2: 'Governed By Sound Reason and True Religion'

Saturday, April 26

While Alison struggles with Aynsley's death and Cosima grapples with the worsening symptoms of her mysterious sickness, Sarah enlists Art's help to find Kira and is shocked when she learns where the trail leads.

Episode 3: 'Mingling Its Own Nature With It'

Saturday, May 3

After hitting the road with Felix, Sarah is forced to turn to a ghost from her past — an old flame named Cal Morison. When their brief respite is brutally shattered, Sarah realizes that no matter how far she runs, it will never be far enough.

Episode 4: 'Governed as It Were by Chance'
Saturday, May 10

Sarah comes home to look for answers. With Cosima's help, she digs into the origins of the clone experiment. The hunt takes her right into the belly of the beast, but getting out again could cost her more than she knows.


The reference to Cal as an "Old Flame" lends more fuel to the "Cal is Kira's father" speculation. [Zap2It]



Although Slade Wilson's son Joe has only been briefly touched on in the show, Manu Bennett says that Wilson's family is part of his current motivation and could maybe find their way into the show at some point:

You have to remember, Slade Wilson has also got an ex-partnership and a son out in the world there somewhere. And the son's potentially got siblings in some scenario that hasn't yet evolved into the storyline. People have to think about more than the layers of what is being shown in each episode. They have to find clues in the DC Comics history, to maybe even piece together more of what Slade is festering upon.


[TV Line]

The Leftovers

Amy Brenneman spoke a bit about her character, the unspeaking Laurie:

I am Liv Tyler's mentor in this cultish – I don't even know if you can call it a 'cult' – order and I am estranged from Justin Theroux, who is my husband. But he wants me back!


The show follows those who are left behind after the Rapture and will air on HBO. [TV Line]

The Flash

Here's an update on the recently revealed costume: That's not a gold lightning bolt on his legs, but a red/maroon bolt with gold stitching along the edge. There's also gold in the trim of the boots. [TV Line]


Once Upon a Time

Colin O'Donoghue says Hook's attempt at a True Love's Kiss on Emma "may" come up again, saying:

Hook has very much put his feelings on the table there for Emma, to sort of take and do with however she wants. So who knows? But I'm sure he probably would really like to have another kiss.


[TV Line]

A tweet from Adam Horowitz revealed that the penultimate episode will be called "Snow Drifts." [via SpoilerTV]



In a behind-the-scenes video, executive producer Michele Fazekas said that not all those that return from the dead will be like Jacob:

Not every person who comes back is good. Not every person who returns from the dead will be welcomed. They don't necessarily have the best intentions, just like the living.


The pilot also saw the return of Caleb, father to Elaine, who wants to make the most of his "ultimate second chance." See the video at the link. [TV Guide]

The 100

Thomas McDonnell, who plays Finn, hinted that there's more to Earth than the characters expect:

[O]ne really important thing to the story is that when they get there, everyone expects that no one has survived the nuclear apocalypse and that they will arrive and they will be alone. And that's not the case. I don't want to say too much about it, but they discover that they are not alone, and then drama ensues.


He also said that there were a few deaths in the pilot, and that the number of delinquents on Earth "is shrinking pretty steadily." [TV Equals]

Doctor Who

Den of Geek's keeping track of all the news available for season 8's episodes. For some, all that's known is a director or a writer. But for episodes 1-5, there's a little bit more that's been revealed:


Thus far untitled

Writer: Steven Moffat
Director: Ben Wheatley

Guest stars: Neve McIntosh, Catrin Stewart, Dan Starkey, Nigel Betts, Paul Hicket, Tony Way, Maggie Service, Sean Ashbun

This story, set mainly in Victorian London, will see the Paternoster troupe returning. It's set to pick up pretty much straight after the Christmas episode.


Thus far untitled

Writer: Phil Ford
Director: Ben Wheatley

Guest star: Michael Smiley

Lots of rumours about this one, but writer Phil Ford would only tease the word "lasagne", and then the phrase "behind enemy lines". Make of that what you will. An invasion of a Findus factory, perhaps?


Thus far untitled

Director: Paul Murphy


Thus far untitled

Writer: Steven Moffat
Director: Douglas Mackinnon

Guest star: Robert Goodman (Game Of Thrones)


Thus far untitled

Writer: Steve Thompson
Director: Douglas Mackinnon

Guest stars: Jonathan Bailey, Pippa Bennett-Warne

The link'll be updated as more information is released. [Den of Geek]

Just added as a guest star for episode five is Keeley Hawes (Line of Duty), who will play Ms. Delphox, described by the BBC as "a powerful out of this world character with a dark secret" that "the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and his companion, Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman), will come face to face with the mysterious Ms. Delphox when they arrive on a strange and puzzling planet." See a photo of Hawes below.


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