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Show Us Your Best (or Most Humiliating) Scifi Halloween Costumes

Illustration for article titled Show Us Your Best (or Most Humiliating) Scifi Halloween Costumes

It's Halloween month, and we've already regaled you with instructions on how to make some of the coolest scifi costumes around. Now it's your turn to show and tell us about your best — or worst, or most humiliating — scifi costume moments. We've created an io9 Flickr pool called io9 Scifi Halloween Costume Show where you can post pictures documenting your triumphs and shame. We'll pick the most intriguing ones and post them throughout the month of October as we count down to Halloween. Please stick to pictures of yourself, please! No submitting shots of your frenemies. All the io9 editors have pledged to post pictures of their own costumes, so get ready for Graeme in tights. [io9 Scifi Halloween Costume Show Flickr Pool]


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Cool idea! I just added my Audrey Hepburn of Frankenstein costume from 2006, and the best group costume from the yearly ILM Halloween Party. More to come!