Every year, io9 does a Halloween costume show in October, featuring some of your best costumes every week until Halloween. Above is one of our favorites from last year โ€” it's Kaylee's shindig dress, created and worn by Lilacwire. (See all last year's gorgeous costume awesomeness here.)

Previously, we did our costume shows on Flickr, but that was a bit cumbersome so this year we're going to have you post your pictures in comments, below. Go ahead โ€” let us see your favorite costume pictures from previous years, or show us what you'll be strutting out in this year. You may only post pictures of yourself.


If you want us to include your picture in the best costume gallery next week, please include a few comments about what the costume is and where you got it or how you made it. Alright, folks, start showing us your hot, scary, freaky and completely insane costumed selves!