Show Us the Coolest Alternate Costumes You've Seen in Injustice 2

The best part of Injustice 2 for me isn’t kicking butts with Green Arrow. It’s seeing what the people whose butts I’m going to kick are wearing. If you’re like me and have been gasping and cooing approvingly every time some killer fashion pops up in the fighting game sequel, here is a place to share.

Injustice 2's Gear system lets players mix up various parts of a character’s outfit to augment abilities or offset advantages that an opponent may have. Its variability has also been the source of some super-hot looks for the game’s characters.

There’ve been times when I’ve wrinkled my nose at some modern interpretations that have added panels, lines, and bulk to classic superhero costumes. But I’m really not minding it in Injustice 2. Some of these looks evoke a specific era or artist, either accidentally or intentionally, as with gear sets themed after storylines like Superman: Red Son. In the case of the grey-and-blue Batman below, I was reminded of the decades-long tenure of penciller Jim Aparo.

This icy winter Wonder Woman struck me as an indirect reference to the time in the late 1960s when she often rocked all-white street clothes.

Harley Quinn and Black Canary have served up some of the best surprises, with additions, subtractions, and colorways that deepen the sense of just how much is variation is possible while keeping a character’s “look” the same.

Sometimes, the Multiverse rosters will spit out a look that makes a character look more dangerous than a base design, like this Cheetah.

Or it’ll highlight the strengths of a base design. The colors on this Firestorm may be different but you still get a sense of duality from simple black-and-white. He also looks like he should be over at Marvel taking classes with the Future Foundation.

If you’ve been playing Injustice 2—or watching videos of it—and have spotted cool variant outfits, please share them in the comments below.

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James Whitbrook

I don’t know if this is cool or not, but I love this hat I got for Ollie.