Should We Be Bothered About Dollhouse's Debut Move?

Fox have pushed the start of Dollhouse's second season back by one week, but is this really a sign of more trouble for the show, or are people just too ready to jump to bad conclusions?

Fox announced the move via press release (which also revealed that Joss Whedon would be writing and directing the season premiere, although I'm not sure many people didn't expect that), leading to some speculation that the move was due to more production problems or Fox interference. The Hollywood Reporter's Live Feed blog, however, suggests a much more benign reason:

With production starting in late July, the network pushed back the start date to ensure that episodes would run consecutively.


Equally likely to influence Fox's decision is the fact that the move also allows them the chance to give the much-buzzed Glee an encore performance in Dollhouse's place in the original timeslot.

Even if many people may be secretly hoping for more Dollhouse disaster (Hey, it makes for good headlines!), we may be in for a surprisingly stable year for the show — especially with Tim Minear coming on board as an Executive Producer and the network getting a clear demonstration of the audience goodwill it's engendered. Could this be the chance the show needed to truly shine?

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