Should Bollywood director Vikram Bhaat be your new cult icon?

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Director/producer Vikram Bhaat just signed a deal to produce five new films that will "push the boundaries of the science fiction, thriller and horror genres." He's directing two of them himself, including a science fiction action movie and one that's described a his "most ambitious project." Time to get excited yet?


For those of you who aren't familiar with his work, Vikram Bhaat is an ultra-prolific creator in Bollywood cinema, whose father and grandfather both were involved in film-making. Bhaat had a long career making crime thrillers, or erotic thrillers, or romance thrillers, with mixed success — until he reinvented himself in the mid-2000s as a horror director. Since then, he's become one of India's most successful directors and producers — and directed the first ever 3D Bollywood movie, the horror film Haunted 3D.

Bhaat's next two projects are the long-delayed horror film Bhaag Johnny, and Hate Story 2 — in which we'll finally get to see the female main character take revenge on the boyfriend who killed their unborn baby and removed her ovaries in the first movie. But I'm most excited to see how Bhaat will push the boundaries of science fiction action, especially given that Bollywood has already given us Ra.One and a few other gems lately.


Here are some trailers for some of Bhaat's recent horror films:

1920: Evil Returns
Seriously check out that wirework. It's like The Last Exorcist, supercharged.


It's a ghost that shatters windshields and lightbulbs and causes a bird to buzz you really low. Surprisingly creepy, especially the idea of being trapped in your car with broken glass flying around.

Haunted 3D
Bhaat's biggest achievement — the horror Avatar. Noticeably more subtle scares than 1920.

Raaz 3D
Also directed by Bhaat. A fading movie diva turns to black magic to destroy a young starlet who's stealing her spotlight. Always a good time. Check out some of the insanely beautiful imagery in this trailer, including the floating fish and the magical glass. And then — bugs! Scary clowns! Waterskulls!

Dangerous Ishhq
One of Bhaat's recent flops — a complicated story of reincarnation, spanning four time periods. Starring a supermodel who discovers that her boyfriend's kidnapping is linked to her past lives, and she has to undergo past life regression to save the man she loves.


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