Shortlist for Prestigious UK Scifi Book Award Announced

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The shortlist has been announced for the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke award has been announced in the UK, and it includes six books that should be on everyone's "must read" list.


Here's the shortlist, posted today by SF Crowsnest:

Song of Time: Ian R. MacLeod - PS Publishing
The Quiet War: Paul McAuley - Gollancz
House of Suns: Alastair Reynolds - Gollancz
Anathem: Neal Stephenson - Atlantic
The Margarets: Sherri S. Tepper - Gollancz
Martin Martin's on the Other Side: Mark Wernham - Jonathan Cape


A winner will be announced in late April at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival, and will get £2009 in prize money. Though the shortlist isn't very diverse, all these authors are incredibly accomplished and have contributed a great deal to the genre. You should definitely check out all these books to see which one you'd choose as the winner.

via SFCrowsnest

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Annalee Newitz

I was reading the wikipedia page on Sheri Tepper, and it turns out she worked most of her adult life at Planned Parenthood - where she wrote a series of pamphlets that sound incredibly awesome. Now I want to get my hands on Tepper's Planned Parenthood pamphlets. Just check out their titles: * "The People Know", 1968

* "The Perils of Puberty", 1974

* "The Problem with Puberty", 1976

* "This Is You", 1977

* "So Your Happily Ever After Isn't, 1977

* "The Great Orgasm Robbery", 1977

* "So You Don't Want To Be A Sex Object", 1978