Short video reveals the truth about brontomerus' thunder thighs

Last month we told you about a new scientific study that revealed the mighty brontomerus, named for its meaty "thunder thighs," was probably a formidable fighter capable of kicking its enemies to the side with those powerful mega-legs. But now this video reveals the truth about how bronomerus probably fought.


I may have mentioned before that I'm obsessed with the winningly specific blog Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week, which is where I found this gem. Mike Taylor writes that the above video "has given me many hours of uncomplicated joy." May you, too, find the same uncomplicated joy after a long Monday.


See more brontomerus shit-kicking at Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week.

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There was a dinosaur game released on Steam today that apparently is not that good. We need more dinosaurs in this world. More dino games. More dino movies. More dynamite. More dino everything. Japan needs a huge dinosaur to stop the earthquakes. And we need to spread it across the world so that there are no more wars. Just dinos. In fact, this can be said about most of the topics we discuss here on io9. It's probably why there's terrorism in the world. Not everyone has access to dinosaurs and the Internet and stuff, and they get mad and jealous. I was jealous as a young boy when my cousin got a bunch of Jurassic Park toys for his birthday. Lack of dinos = jealousy filled rage