Short Horror Film Two Birds Will Make You Avoid Your Spooky Basement Even More Than You Already Do

Image: Vimeo
Image: Vimeo

You already hate going down into your dark, damp, spidery, probably ghost-infested basement—and creepy short film Two Birds, about a woman who discovers something deeply horrible when she ventures to her home’s subterranean level—won’t help that phobia one bit.


Props to filmmaker Brendan Beachman, who somehow makes a well-worn horror trope feel totally fresh and scary. And double props to him, actually, for filming this eerie tale in his own cellar, a place he presumably actually has to visit on a semi-regular basis. Eek!

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Shot well enough but why did she sit there for so long and not come forward when first called? Use the flashlight on your iPhone if nothing else don’t throw it on the ground... The jump noises and non working light source are eye-rolling tired tricks and the first appearance of the face ruined the startle of the second appearance. This may be a case of a short needing to be much shorter or a lot longer to be satisfying?