Short Horror Film Examines Why It's Important to Pay Attention When the Apocalypse Begins

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Marcus Alqueres, whose superhero short Flying Man was optioned by Sony last year, takes on the horror genre with Lasiurus. It’s about a guy who’s so lost in his routine—and, unfortunately, has also forgotten to charge his phone—that he doesn’t notice that doomsday is happening all around him.


It’s like the beginning of Shaun of the Dead, except much darker and more menacing, and with creepy swarms of bats instead of zombies. Alqueres aims to expand the story into a feature-length film eventually.

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Man, I think bats get a bad rap. They eat bugs! And look at them! They are basically flying kittens, and you can confuse them by whistling and throwing pebbles. They aren’t that scary! We have them all around my house, and if you are really still in the pool at night they will swoop right down to eat the bugs.

Edited to add: the ones in the film are obviously fruit bats, but still. Flying blind cat.