Short film Abe is 7 minutes of sheer robot horror

Now this is how you make a terrifying horror short without showing any real gore at all.


Writer and director Rob McLellan is the brains behind Abe, this short film about a misguided robot. Which will be added as reason #5,677 why we shouldn't program robots to have emotions.

[via First Showing]


Why is it that "horror" so often involves taking attractive women, beating them up, shutting their mouths with gags, and then torturing them to death? If it were just an isolated incidence it's one thing but it's everywhere. It feels dehumanizing and misogynistic, less like we're being scared by what happens to the victims and more like we're being scared by the insight into the minds of the men in the movie industry.

Sorry for the sidetrack, otherwise a nicely done film.