Short Fiction: Doomed Or Just Dying?

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Now that Warren Ellis has reopened the perennial debate over the fate of print science fiction magazines, the discussion has mutated a bit. Some observers say it's not just print magazines, but short fiction in general, that's doomed. Eoghann Irving over at Solar Flare says his readers are suggesting the real problem is that most short science fiction, in print and elsewhere, is "simply too literary for many people's tastes." Readers want cracking adventure reads, but most short SF is "cutting edge" and fancy. Wis(s)e Words chimes in that the print SF mags are "incredibly dull." But it's not all bad news: a panel at WorldCon called "Short Fiction: On Its Way Out, Or A Way To Break Into The Market?" ended up concluding that short fiction is not on its way out.


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Charlie Jane Anders

@Ann and Jeff VanderMeer: Oh yeah, Conjunctions. I have their famous "New Wave Fabulist" issue that's full of scifi-ish stuff. But that was a couple years ago. Have they done anything since then in the scifi/slipstream world?