It's one more blow to overprotective parenting worldwide, but scientists have discovered that playing videogames may actually be good for you after all. Please, wait until you've finished reading this before calling mom to laugh.

Daphne Bavelier, from the University of Rochester, New York, has turned into something of a gaming evangelist; six years ago, she proved that playing games made you more adept at completing visual tasks, and now she's on the way to proving that they also improve your eyesight.


A recent study conducted by Bavelier showed that gamers playing what she terms as "action" games (first person shooters) for 50 hours over a nine week period had a 43% increase in their ability to perceive contrast, a discovery that may pave the way to the first non-lens and non-surgical treatment for amblyopia, or failure to identify contrast, which affects 3% of the population of western society. Her study has led to the University of California in Berkeley starting an amblyopia trial where games will be prescribed as treatment.

Shoot 'em up video games are good for your eyesight [New Scientist]


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