Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

Here's an extra large batch of spoilers to get you started with your day. Sneaky bloggers have taken photos of the filming of the new X-Files movie, uncovering a development that nobody would have expected. And fans have dogged the filming of the new Doctor Who series and uncovered major spoilers for almost every episode. Plus, a classic Star Trek writer visited the set of the new Trek movie and dropped some hints about something huge. Click through to spoil your morning.

A fansite has collected tons of spoilers for the new Doctor Who season. The first episode reunites the Doctor and Donna to investigate a company called Adipose Industries (adipose meaning fat?), and they meet Miss Foster, who has her own sonic screwdriver, and is part of an alien takeover plot.


In the second episode, they visit Pompeii right before the famous volcanic eruption, which turns out to be caused by aliens. And apparently the aliens are known as "pyrophiles" (or flame-lovers) from the planet pyrovili. Someone names Lucius is under alien control, and there's a creepy temple chock full of priestesses.

Episode three takes us to the Ood Homeworld, which is all icy and frozen. We see Ood in chains, and Donna gets locked in some kind of nasty blue chamber. And there are nasty humans with guns. Fans speculate it shows how the Ood Hive Mind was destroyed, turning them into the slaves we saw in season two.

In episode four, the Doctor joins Martha and the paramilitary organization U.N.I.T. to fight the Sontarans, and there's some weird alien tomb thingy. Episodes six and seven feature Georgia Moffett as the Doctor's pseudo-daughter... plus an alien race called the Haff who blow bubbles when they talk and wipe out a bunch of human soldiers. Martha comes along for the ride.


Episode seven is the one where they meet Agatha Christie, and apparently also tangle with that giant wasp we saw in the season four trailer. Episodes eight and nine are the Steven Moffatt two-parter where the Doctor visits an abandoned planet-sized library in the 51st century. And just like in Moffat's "Blink," where you would die if you closed your eyes, this time the rule is: "If you want to live, count the shadows." And possibly Donna gets married (again!).

In episode ten, the Doctor and Donna arrive on an intergalactic "spa" planet, and wind up getting stranded in the leisure resort, with an alien threat closing in. They meet a "terrifying" woman on holiday, played by Lesley Sharp.


Rose is back in time for episode eleven, this season's "Doctor-lite" episode. At one point, Rose says she "came out of nowhere. I was there, now I'm here!" And they seem to think the Doctor is dead. Also, London gets evacuated (again) and Donna's family gets relocated to live with an Asian family in Leeds. Donna sports a "vortex manipulator" on her wrist at one point, and both she and Rose are quite downcast. There's speculation that Donna has some kind of animatronic insect on her back, which she doesn't know about, which may go all the way back to her first appearance in "The Runaway Bride." There's also even wilder speculation that the Doctor isn't in this episode because he's been removed from time, hence Rose and Donna living their lives as if they'd never met him.

Supposedly, the Daleks are definitely back in the season finale. And they utter the line, "Daleks do not accept apologies!" There are also reports that former prime minister Harriet Jones joins the Daleks, or even turns into a Dalek. (They wouldn't really do that, would they?) Oh, and someone snapped some pics of the Doctor (wearing two different suits, as if there are two alternate Doctors) with Rose and Donna on a beach, with the TARDIS. The Doctor gets rained on, and leaves in the TARDIS on his own (probably at the end.) [Planet Gallifrey]

More spoilers:

  • David "Trouble With Tribbles" Gerrold visited the set of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movie, and signed a huge stack of non-disclosure forms. But he still felt comfortable giving away this incredibly vague, yet intriguing description:
  • Stage 18 is one of the largest on the Paramount lot (it's where they shot the big crew scene in Star Trek: The Motion Picture) and the set that we saw totally filled it. We saw lots of computer screens, lasers, smoke, mirrors, machinery, bright lights, and big set thingies, plus a humongous thing that I'm not going to describe, but it took up a lot of space and must have been very heavy to hang from the rafters. We saw some very large cameras (they looked like 70mm cameras to me, but I could be wrong.) We saw a guy in what might have been a Starfleet uniform, it was very impressive and very very Star Trek. We also some some bad guys and they looked very good to me too, very much in keeping with the look and feel of classic Trek.

  • So now you know the uniforms at least look somewhat like old-school Starfleet, and there are "classic" bad guy costumes. And a ginormous thing hanging from the rafters. [Trek Movie]
  • And here are the shocking set photos from the new X-Files movie, which appear to show Mulder and Scully in an extremely tender moment together. [FlyNetOnline]



  • Episode 10 of Lost will definitely take place in a Middle Eastern country, probably Tunisia. Rumor has it, it'll feature Ben flashbacks in Tunisia, but also possibly some Charlotte flashbacks, due to the writers cramming as much development into the shortened season as possible. [Doc Arzt]