Shiver Me Timbers! Possible Captain Kidd Pirate Treasure Discovered

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Look, even if it’s not pirate treasure, can we just pretend it is, because PIRATE TREASURE? It sure sounds promising, given the 110-pound silver bar was found in what’s believed to be wreckage from 17th century Scottish pirate Captain William Kidd’s ship, Adventure Gallery.

Discovery Science reports the find comes courtesy of an American team diving near the island of Sainte Marie, off the coast of Madagascar. The group is headed by marine archaeologist Barry Clifford.

Captain Kidd, who was born in Scotland in about 1645, was first employed by British authorities to hunt pirates, but he turned himself into a ruthless criminal of the high seas.

After looting a treasure-laden ship in 1698, he was caught, imprisoned and questioned in front of the British parliament before being executed in Wapping, close to the River Thames in 1701.

The fate of much of his booty, however, has remained a mystery, sparking intrigue and excitement for generations of treasure-hunters.


Clifford, who told the AP he believes “there’s more [treasure] down there,” presented the silver bar to the president of Madagascar, Hery Rajaonarimampianina. The bar is believed to be a 17th century piece originating in Bolivia, but its authenticity will be determined following further study.

AP photo by Martin Vogl

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What government is going to sue, demanding that they own the treasure even though they’ve made no effort to recover it?