Here's the largest version of Mal Reynolds' famous ship Serenity ever: a 48" long reusable wall sticker from Quantum Mechanix, the folks who brought you the Serenity schematics and many other fine pieces of Firefly shwag.


According to Quantum Mechanix's product page:

Using the original studio 3-D digital model of Serenity seen in the movie, QMx's designers have created a completely maxed-out image of the Firefly-class transport with all her glorious detail intact.

There's a lot more to Serenity than you got to see on the big screen or even on the QMx Big Damn Replica. But now, thanks to new large-format decal printing technology, we finally have a canvas big enough to do Our Girl justice: 48 inches of super high-quality vinyl that shows every color, every fine point there is to see.

We're willing to bet this is the biggest Serenity anyone will ever own. And to make owning our 2-D rendition a little easier, we've pushed the price down to just $49.95.


This beauty goes up for pre-order today, and is expected to ship on March 11 or thereabouts. [QMX]