Now this is a fire engine that kids from 5 to 105 would like to see under the Christmas tree next year. How sleek and shiny does this thing look? Instead of the boxy fire fighting vehicles of the past, this baby looks streamlined enough to win a race or two as well as do some good.

Artist Harald Belker created this red racer as a piece of concept art for a Fahrenheit 451 feature film that was canceled after a few weeks of development. It's a shame too, because we would have bought the toy version of this firetruck for sure. We just hope that all those rounded edges don't mean they'll be cutting corners when it comes to safety.


We thought fires in the future would be fought with foam-dispensing hoverpods and wormhole-powered oxygen suppression systems, but if the engines are going to look this great, then by all means keep all four wheels on the ground.

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