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As much as Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura may want us to think that Shia LeBeouf "loves to do his own stunts," the fact that the human star of Michael Bay's roboporn movies keeps injuring himself on site leads us to believe that he's not very good at them - or, perhaps, that someone is trying very badly to kill him.The potential murder plot theory holds some water - after all, Shia has survived the shooting of the first Transformers , the fourth Indiana Jones and hopefully the only Eagle Eye unscathed... but only a few months after mangling his left hand while in the middle of shooting the sequel to last year's toy epic, he somehow managed to injure himself in the eye. Presuming that LeBeouf hasn't suddenly become almost comedically careless, what other possible explanation could there be? Of course, the possibility that someone has marked Mutt for death is being downplayed by di Bonaventura, but you can sense the tension on set from all of Shia's little accidents:

Everything is fine... He got a little nick, and because he has been hurt recently, immediately everything gets magnified...Thank God he is fine, and we are getting close to the end now. [It was] one of our props, and it's a big prop. It could have been a big cut, but it wasn't.


Of course, now that he's got your attention, di Bonaventura would much rather try and sell you on how awesome the new movie is going to be:

It's going great — it's going to be big, it's going to be better, and it's going to be more emotional. Michael [Bay] is killing it, and it is going to be amazing. It's one of those sequels where people are really going to say we went after it and topped ourselves. There are a lot of new characters... My favorite aspect of the movie is that in the first movie, we were able to go on a very simple emotional construct: Boy gets a car, gets a girl. And in this movie, on an emotional level, we are taking the audience to much deeper things. We are asking about the responsibility in becoming an adult and things that have expanded the characters. Hopefully the experience of the movie will be more fulfilling than that of the first one.


And if LeBeouf happens to meet an... unfortunate end through some unlikely accident before the movie comes out...? Well, it didn't hurt The Dark Knight much, did it...? We're onto you, di Bonaventura. Don't think we're not... Shia LaBeouf Is 'Fine' After Latest Injury, 'Transformers' Producer Says [MTV]

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